Innovation IT Solutions Corporation is the group of a number of the International Telecommunication Companies in different countries. Since our founding in 2006 as English Limited company Ltd, we have been focused on delivering premier innovative services around the world.

Through years, the companies are developing and offering complete range of hosting and related services. Nowadays, Innovation IT Solutions Corp. powers several projects in different areas of hosting services.

These are our main services:

Hosting services

Having large experience in field of enterprise-scale networking and hosting services, we can offer almost any of possible hosting services, ranging from the most widely used virtual hosting on different OSes, ending with VPS (Virtual Private Server), dedicated servers and colocation platforms all over the world.

Software Licensing

Through our partnership with known vendors providing server software, we can offer the best prices for all server software, from control panels to OSes. By sure, all that is backed by unified control panel to accept payments for all that, and fanatic support which will help you 24/7 to have it up and running.

Design services

And if you care of your company`s visual as much as you do for your server infrastructure, we also have this issue covered. Our partner, Leytman.Design company offers the whole range of design services, from web sites to retail packaging and print design. So its easier to have all things done in one place!

We have acquired hosting project DIPCo-Host)net, which perfectly join our range of hosting offers. We are start to work on this project to make it unique.
In reaction of becoming the company`s tradition to have blogs, we have done ours one. You may visit it by Also, we are going to use it to post news and special offers.
We have acquired hosting project
28.02.2010 is finally here! Absolutelly unique idea and realization of onestop shop for all license needs of hosting area is ready to be used.
Our new partner, Leytman.Design design studio has joined us, so now we are offering high-quality design!
We have opened this site, dedicated to general information about our companies and projects!